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Cade serves as Chief Digital Officer, Chairman and Founder of Big Data Energy Services, which he formed in October 2012. He actively manages all activities, including developing new services around smart meter data, electronic transaction and big data service to retail energy providers . His company is a trailblazer in applying communication, security and electronic transactions standards for transmitting electronic data.

Cade specializes in driving efficiencies in the energy industry and within his clients’ organizations, developing and implementing standards and business models that are underpinned by robust technical solutions.


Cade is the Vice-Chairman of the Board of the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB), a non-profit, standards development organization designed to work with industry, creating wholesale and retail electric and natural gas business practices to accommodate a seamless marketplace for customers, consumers, the business community and regulating entities. Cade was Chairman of NAESB from 2015 through 2017 and currently chairs the Critical Infrastructure Committee addressing cyber security issues within the industry. He also chairs the Retail Markets Quadrant, which supports retail electric and gas market transactions, Green Button, and OpenFMB standards. 



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