Big Data Energy has taken digital data asset management to the next level through industry-leading process automation and server hosting, helping our customers increase
their efficiency and scale their businesses.



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Clean, accurate data is critical to any business analytics. Big Data Energy’s Unified Platform takes data from any source, in any format and normalizes it into clean, usable data that helps you make informed decisions about your business. Big Data Energy helps you optimize your efficiency and increase profitability by giving you better visibility into your data than ever before.

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Big Data Energy is a pioneer in automating manual processes such as time-based data pulls, report generation, and other activities.

This efficiency gives us the ability to handle more business processes and exponentially higher volumes of data as your business grows. With Big Data Energy, your business intelligence and analytics teams will always have the data they need at their fingertips – giving you the deep insight you need to make critical business decisions.


Big Data Energy uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for all of our data center hosting and managed services, giving our clients access to the most state-of-the-art resources and capabilities of one of the world’s most advanced and well recognized technology companies. This allows us to offer our clients the almost unlimited ability to scale their business with almost zero business interruption. 

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Protecting our customers’ data is our highest priority.  We’ve developed our systems and processes to meet the highest level of commercial and government security standards.

Our AWS FedRAMP certified data centers provide our clients with the highest level of data security, and our systems and processes are reviewed in an annual SOC 2, Type 2 Audit.


Big Data Energy prides itself on maintaining the highest level of integrity and ethical standards in staffing and operations.  All members of our team are strictly vetted and undergo background checks as a condition of employment.  Management is committed to competence, which is seen in the organizational structure, the assignment of authority and responsibility, and the oversight and direction provided by the board of directors, advisors, and operations management.

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