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Data is one of the most powerful tools in optimizing your organization.


Big Data Energy uses sophisticated process automation technology to execute ongoing data tasks such as time-based data pulls, report generation and other functions, allowing us to gather and process exponentially more data in state-of-the-art Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. Our systems have been designed to accommodate fast and efficient scalability – so we can grow as quickly as your business does.

Raw data is captured and processed in our Unified Platform, where it is transformed into clean, usable data that can be used for your own modeling and analysis.  Big Data Energy currently gathers, transforms and processes more than 110 million data points daily, empowering clients with new abilities for communications, billing and analytics. Our deep experience in retail energy and natural gas markets, where we process more than 28 million transactions a month for millions of customers, has given us the experience and infrastructure needed to handle large-scale digital asset management projects for any client, in any industry


Big Data Assets
Transaction Management
New Energy Data
Nodal Data
Supplier to UDC
Solar Data
Electricity Settlements
UDC to Supplier
Capacity Tags
Gas Settlements
Natural Gas Prices
Supplier to Supplier
Equipment Energy Usage
Bank to Supplier
Distributed Resource (DER)
Electricity Prices
Interval Usage Data


Any data.  Any client.  Any industry.

The security of our clients’ data is our highest priority. Our systems have been developed using the most state-of-the art technologies and protocols. Our data centers meet the highest standards of commercial and government security requirements, and our systems and processes are reviewed and documented in an annual SOC 2, Type 2 Audit.

At Big Data Energy, we often say “Data > Energy.” Unlocking your data opens a realm of possibilities to help drive your business.  Let Big Data Energy be your key to success.


Talk to a BDES representative to find out how we can help make your data work for you.

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